Monday, February 2, 2009

Unique Business Cards – Wood | New Release from Nissiwood

Nissiwood now released Unique Business Cards from real Wood. These Unique Business Cards comes in 20 species of wood. Each species of wood business cards has its own unique grain formation and texture. No two wood business cards are alike.

Wood Business Cards from Nissiwood are flexible and can be put in a wallet like a normal paper Business card which will behave like paper and wont break like normal wood. This flexibility makes Nissiwood Business Cards unique.

Wood business cards are smooth and can be printed using different printing techniques. Softness, surface smoothness and flexibility enhance printability on wood cards like paper. Yet feel the wood. These exclusive wood business cards do not need any enhancement by printing for attractive appearance like normal paper cards. Each wood business card is unique as nature provides. These business cards as thin as 0.4mm can be laser etched business cards or laser engraved business cards looks very elegant.

These Unique Business cards also made from wood species having natural fragrance (Red Cedar, White Cedar, Rosewood). These printed unique business cards will retain its typical natural smell and texture of the wood cards species.

Perfumed Wood Business Cards are unique business cards that are available only from Nissiwood. Nissiwood can customize printed business cards with your choice of perfume.

Combo Business Cards are one side real wood and one side paper Business Cards which adds to the range of unique business cards Nissiwood have.

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