Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mahogany wood business cards

Nissiwood produces wood business cards from mahogany which is the best in the collection. Mahogany wood species is grown all over south India as it is a very commercially viable wood species for its fast growth and value. Local plantations are very predominant. This has an attractive color and finish which makes it a good species for business cards. Lighter color printing is recommended. Nissiwood also do the laser engraving on wood business cards from Mahogany wood species the best. Mahoganie's properties also allows perfuming also.
Mahogany has a generally straight grain and is usually free of voids and pockets which enables business card printing. It has a reddish-brown color, which darkens over time. It has excellent workability, and is very durable. These properties make it a favourable wood for printing. Nissiwood prefers mahogany wood much better for printing.
Mahogany is widely used for fine furniture. Mahogany resists wood rot, which makes it suitable for boat construction. It is also often used for musical instruments, particularly the backs of guitars. Mahogany is used for drum making, because of its integrity and capability to produce a very dark, warm tone. Mahogany is also commonly used in acoustic guitars. Mahogany is now being used for the bodies of high-end stereo phonographic record cartridges and for stereo headphones, where it is noted for “warm” or “musical” sound.
The name mahogany is used when referring to numerous varieties of dark-colored wood, originally the wood of the species Swietenia mahagoni. Mahogany was equally applied to the wood of Swietenia macrophylla, which is closely related, and known as Honduras mahogany. Today, all species of Swietenia are listed by CITES, and are therefore protected. Species of Swietenia cross-fertilise readily when they grow in proximity, the hybrid between S. mahagoni and S. macrophylla is widely planted for its timber. Mahogany is the national tree of Dominican Republic and Belize it also appears on the national seal of Belize which was known as British Honduras before independence.
"Mahoganies" may refer to the largest group of all the timbers yielded by the fifteen related species of Swietenia, Khaya and Entandrophragma. The timbers of Entandrophragma are sold under their individual names, sometimes with "mahogany" attached as a suffix, for example "sipo" may be referred to as "sipo mahogany". Kohekohe (Dysoxylum spectabile), a close relative, is sometimes called New Zealand Mahogany.

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