Monday, January 19, 2009

Recession and Business Cards

Business cards are the greatest way to boost business at this time of recession.
This is the common sound that we hear nowadays. As the expensive methods of advertisement are becoming difficult at this time, people are turning towards business card marketing techniques.
The advantages of business card marketing are that this is very cheap technique. But the disadvantage is that it is not necessary that one potential customer should hang with these business cards.
He should get some thing in the card to keep the business cards in his hands. If a potential customer has your card when he looks for some purchase, chances for you to get a business is 80% larger.
So people are looking for some unique business cards which make one feel to carry these cards. This is where Nissiwood cards are so impressive. Wood business cards that come from 20 species of wood are very impressive in the market for some time now. What really impresses is that these wood cards are printer friendly and it looks amazingly cute.

These wood business cards can be laser engraved which looks very elegant. Laser engraving can be done on some of the species as all the species do not allow this form of printing technique. These sort of Business Cards will really prompt one to keep cards with them.
Perfumed business cards are another product from nissiwood. Perfume can be impregnated on these wood cards with the choice of perfume. These business cards retain the smell of the perfume as real wood retains the smell. This sort of business cards can be the most effective business cards in this period of recession.
Wood and paper combo business cards are another product which enables multi color printing from Nissiwood.

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